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The technology of "maintenance of industrial circuit board without schematic diagram" applies to various fields. Today, almost every electronic product provides no schematic diagram of circuit board, so when they are breakdown, it is very difficult to repair. It may take a great deal of money and time to purchase these special boards, particularly when some boards is out of stock or can not buy in the market. In that case, maintenance in the local area seems a very perfect solution. However, it is far to enough to repair the damaged boards according to the traditional way or devices, it asks for a brand-new technology and testing method, according to which we develop the technology called í░maintenance of industrial circuit board without schematic diagram". This technology has been mature enough through years of practice by us.

Now, in order to better serve our clients, we sincerely invite companies, business groups and individual world wide to join us, so as to create an allied maintenance company which is characterized by advanced technology and high profits. The fee of repaired for one board is at least hundreds of or thousands of RMB and at most it may be millions of or even billions of RMB. The profit is really considerable. We will assist to offer the technical aspect including engineers training, equipping testing instrument, inquiring technical data and component procurement. We will support you with our almost 10 years of technical experience so that you will achieve the max economic and social benefit.



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