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  Maintenance center of import automotive equipent → Maintenance of import automotive equipment

Maintenance of import equipment

We have both the most skillful engineers and the most advanced testing equipments to offer chip circuit board repair services for all kinds of companies for decades specializing in imported professional machinery and factory automation systems; we offer all kinds of professional services ranging from technology consultation, chip circuit boards repairing to malfunction analysis on the spot.
Currently our services are as follows; if you have any questions or requirements, please contact us! We will serve you to our best!

1 Numerical control device and Servo system  driver:

 1st Siemens numerical control system including 802S, 802C, 802D,       810T,            810M, 840D .All types of numerical control board card,such as memorycard, orientation module, display screen, power module, CPU board and so on, Siemens 610, 611 series power  module, drive module.

  FANAC 0 Mate ,3T ,0,5,7.15,18 and 00 series of main board, PC       board, power module, principal axis drive and servo drive of numerical control system

 AB servo driver, such as OSI and OSS200 series.

4th Lenze servo driverm, such as Lenze 9200 series.

INDRAMAT power module and servo driver.

6th BAUMULLER driver, such as BUM 616 series.

7th  BOSCH torsional moment controller, torsional spanner, all types of power supply.

8th Mitsubishi series of servo system, from 10A to 700A series.Mitsubishi network    driver, such as: MR-J2S-XXB.

2 Touch screen and display:
3M Dynapro series of industrial control touch screen.
Siemens series of all types of numerical control display and OP system operation accessories.
Elo brand all types of touch screen and display.

4thSharp liquid crystal screen, Samsung crystal screen.

3 Transducer and stepping driver:
Toshiba: VFA3, VFS9 , VFA5 series.
REfU:  218 series.
Siemens: 6SE71 series and 6SE70 series.

4th Lenze: Lenze 8600 series.

5th Parker step-driver, such as 6fFC 5548 series.

6th Siemens step-driver, such as ZETA 57 series.

7th All types of Mitsubishi power transducers.
All types of FuJi power transducers.

 4 Direct current drive equipment:

1st direct current governor including Siemens 6RA21, 6RA23, 6RA24, 6RA7 .
2ndOuLu 590,591,594.
Zema driver series.

5 All types of switching power supply:

6 Programmable controllor:

1stKOYO, KOSTAC series.
 Siemens S5, S7 series of PLC, power module, CPU module, in/out put module.

3rd Mitsubishi: FX series of PLC.

4th GEFANUC series of PLC
7 Others:

1st Main Board of machine control and professional device in paper industry

2ndControl boards of machine and professional device in tobacco-curing
Arc-Welding machine control panel: German UTP arc-welding machine
      and so on.

4thBus controller and variable sending card.

5th Security circuit breaker of PILZ brand and so on.

 6th Design and manufacture of control board.


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