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Maintenance Range

BeiJing HuiBoShiDa Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a company that provides circuit board and control panel repair services whose technology is characterized by promptness, high repair rate, and excellent price and without schematic diagram. We have solved many problems of various kinds for many companies, from whom we earned praise and confirmation.

Our maintenance ranges are as follows:

 Ward systems, CT controllers, B-ultrasonic devices, electrocardiogram (electroencephalogram)testing apparatus, blood dialyse apparatus, dentistry apparatus, X-ray devices, monitors, displaies, slicing machines, temperature controllers, large dry cleaning machines, washing machines, blood analyses apparatus: most types of PLC, industrial power supplies, medical ice lockers.

 Siemens Systems, CZK-FANUC mate Systems, FIDIA, AMADA, YOUJIA, JoyPark Systems; processing centers, number control milling machines, plate shears, braking machines and types of control board of number control machine tools include many brand; types of transducer of many brand series, direct current drivers, alternating current drivers, coders, programmable logic controllers, types of auto testing and assembling machines, welding machines.

Laser film setting and proof making machines including brands on WangPin, JianShen, FuShiLongBa, DeBao, TianMa ; full automatic publishing machines, automatic copy board printers; printers, offset duplicators and vane borers including brands of Heidelberg, Roland, Yoshiaki, komori, Masatosi, Akiyama, Mitsubishi; WeiTe Spurts draws machines; Control boards in paperfolding machines, rubber-subscribes machines, slitters, sewing machines, bronzing devices including brands of Matianni, Sitarer, QiMa,YoShiNo; power supply driver, automatic corrugated board production lines, automatic gluers, Trilateral packing machines, automatic box stickers.

Rubber and Tire:
Bead wire tape layer production lines, composite extruders, inner-lining extruder production lines, steel cord fabric cutters, steel rolling presses, heavy-duty banburies, steel disposable forming machines, dimode vulcanizing machines, Automatic molding machines, rubber extruders, dicing machines, coating apparatuses.

 Control boards in homogenizer, sterilization machines, labeling machines, dosing machines, canning machines and can packing machines; flux controllers, electronic display panels, sugar degree displaies, packing machines and capper machines; heavy ovenes, power supply drivers, coffee machines.

Elevator main boards of various brands including Xiziotis, ThyssenKrupp,schindler, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, KoNe, Weisen S-series,Simens OTIS,
Sanyo; Portal hoist control boards; floor display panels, elevator drivers.

Stored-Program Control exchanges, large dry cleaning machines, washing machines, running machines, distant water sprays, water heaters, boat training machines, large screen monitors, top of tower dimmers, center air conditions, fire fighting control boards, water tank control boards, power supply drivers, bowling devices, shower systems.

Power supply drivers, temperature controllers, recorders, flow-meters, coolers, differential pressures, heavy boilers.

Automatic rimming presses, edge bonding machines, NC punching machines, automatic carrier plate machines, automatic monolithic sewers, types of circuit boards in NC woodworker machineries.

The textile:
 The first high-Mitsubishi, the cuff sewing machines, spinning machines, computer-embroidery machines, sewing machines brother license, stamp machines, lock out machines, dyeing machines, coating machine circuit boards and various imported luxury clothing machineries, Japan Corporation licenses, a license to Yan clothing plane, Italy Macpi machine circuit boards, and panels.

Packing industry:
Colored typing sealing machines, vacuum packaging machines, plastic absorbing packaging machines, packaging machines with hardware, food preservation packaging machines, tape sealing machines, aluminum foil seal machines, such as  electromagnetic induction sealing machine circuit boards.

All classes of PLC, frequency converters, direct current machine drivers, displaies, industrial supply power and large display screens.


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