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Maintenance Business
what would you do, if your imported automotive equipment conked out suddenly because of the circuit board? If there is a spare board, everything is fine, but if there is none ......You have to buy a new one, but it takes too much time and money, worse still, maybe it is not available at this critical moment. Then why not try to repair it?
BeiJing HuiBoShiDai Science and Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional in repairing the most expensive and
complicated industrial control board which is hard to purchase in a short time or which is too costly to buy. While we are able to finish the whole work within two days.

We sincerely welcome enterprises, manufacturers and business groups which specialize in automation, transmission control, and automotive equipment to contact us for business relationship with us in terms of maintenance, agent, and so on.

HuiBoShiDai offers repair services of circuit board and control board for companies which operate factory automation systems , industry personal computers and automotive production equipments with the capability to design, develop, copy and manufacture industrial control circuit board. HuiBoShiDa excels in maintenance of various types of complicated circuit boards and chips. It has a skillful professional repair team with rich experiences, by using complete import testing devices (both online and offline) and other equipments, they can test the logic component, register, operational amplifier, digital circuit, analog circuit, A/D, D/A converters, and other integrated circuits. Lots of information about the components can be found in our testing database, we also have the information about components of import integrated circuit components of all types, and with the advanced testing equipments such as chips tester, double trace reading oscilloscopes, high/low frequency generator , cymometer and logic pen, we are very efficient. Relying on the powerful technology, we are going to develop the industrial control board market actively. Today, HuiBoShiDai has been a company which is able to offer repair services to companies in automotive equipment like switching power supply, actuating motor, PLC board, card control, professional Simulate import circuit board, programmed decoding, and transmission control. We have sophisticated repair experiences in 3 main systems that are Programmable Logic Control system (PLC), Disperse Control System (DCS) and Computer Numerical Control system (CNC). The system that is out of date would be rebuilt and updated, and we can also provide repair service for urgency.Till now we have offered a great deal of technology supports and services with high quality for many corporations in auto manufacturing, printing, medical treatment and chemical field all over the world, and we have earned a good reputation.


Maintenance Ranges:

l        Numerical Control System: 802S, 820C, 820D, 810T, 840D, 840C and so on

l        Servo System: 6sn1145 series power module, 6SN123.6SN1118 series power and control module.

l        Transducer: 6SE70 industrial transducer, MM420, 430, 440, ABB, Mitsubishi, FuJi, Yasukawa.

l        Direct Current Governor: 6RA70, 6RA24, OULU 

l        PLC: S5 series, s7-300, s7-400 series, PLC power module.

 Technology and Equipment

1 Technical competency:
We have more than 20 skillful senior technicians, each of which has several years of experience in electronic repair of component level.

2 Equipment Condition:

l        Large full-automatic import circuit board online testers

l        Logic analyzers Component testers, latitude immovable oscilloscopes, signal generators, signal generators

l        General testing instruments are
100HZ digital oscilloscopes, 100HZ analog oscilloscopes, programmers, signal generators, multimeters. 

l        Other testing devices include:
Desk-top multimeters, handheld multimeters, milliohmmeters, milivoltmeters, cymometers, logic analyzers, transistor graphic instruments, grounded resistance testers, insulated resistance testers, clip-on ammeters, clip-on wattcmeters, electric energy meters                  

l        Maintenance tools:
Professional rework desk-top, lab power supplies, and other various maintenance tools.

3 Technical Features 

l          No-schematic-diagram repair which is not subject to the function of circuit board.

l          Using advanced online tester to test components in Integrated Circuit board online.

l          It is memorable, modifiable and decipherable to programmable apparatus.
 The types of equipment that it can be repaired by us are various, and we have rich experience and a lot of component information.

l          Money economizing:

Generally speaking, a malfunction of a circuit board is often caused by damage of certain components, even likely by circuit open, short or program lost. It is very expensive to purchase a new board.

l          Time saving:

By sending it back to the manufacturer, especially the import equipment, if the circuit board is breakdown, it will take a longer time for the production lines to return to operation may.

l        To avoid heavy losses:

No spare board at hand because some of which have been out of production may result in paralysis of the whole factory, it follows that the company may suffer great loss.

4 Key Advantages
A, We have Integrated Circuit online testers and many high-technical, advanced testing equipments which help enhance our success in circuit board repairing and maintenance to a large extent and also made us more effective.

B, We have so many skillful specialists in strong current, low current, automatic, and hydraulic pressure major.

C, Be different from our craft brother, we provide not only circuit boards repairing services but also maintenance of complete electric equipment.

D, We prefer to deal with those difficult problems that required higher technology.

E, Our maintenance chains and nets spread all over the country, and our clients could be served more convenience.

F, We guarantee to keep the maintenance for 6 months, and provide a perfect after-service.

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