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Maintenance and Service

Maintenance Center for Import Machinery

Maintenance of industrial circuit board is a new trade.  In recent years, the automation of industrial equipment has been more and more complicated. So the quantities of circuit boards have been increasing accordingly. However when a circuit board was breakdown, the expense for replacing a new one (usually it takes thousands of dollars) has become a great trouble for many companies.
In fact, most of these circuit boards could be repaired, and the expense is merely 20% to 30%
off of its original price, and the time is much less than that to buy a new one. Because seldom does an industry panel has schematic diagram, it follows that there must be someone who is suspicious of our capability and skills. Now, let me give an brief introduction of  our methods: Indeed, each circuit board is different, but every board is composed of electronic components such as chips, resisters, capacitances, and so on, it must be some components damaged that caused the whole board out of operation. So we test each component on the board till we find the problem one and then replace it. So it is ok. The method is simple, everyone could make it, but in practice it requires highly-proficient skills and rich experience.
 For example, everyone could judge
whether an audion is damaged or not, but not everyone can test out all the parameters. So it is a testing technology rather than maintenance technology. Over the years
we had repaired a lot of circuit boards for many corporations, from which we have gained enough experience and have owned a team of skillful technicians. Meanwhile we also have established long-term business relations with many enterprises.

The time for maintenance and repair :
Standard time for maintenance              5 days
For urgency                                         1-2 days

We guarantee to keep our service to the part repaired for 6 months.

If you have any other requirements, please bring the problem boards to us, we hope to develop a long-term business relationship with you. We will solve your problem by repairing the  boards as quickly as possible so as to get your interrupted production line back into operation.

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