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Corporate Culture

The intrinsic competition among companies in the 21st century is the competition of corporate culture. Excellent and unique culture of a company offers the good soil for its strong development so that the company is always undefeatable. Besides it is also the original power of a company’s survive and development. “Service by standard, Conduct by principle, Brand by credit" is our motto. The competition among companies in the same line has shifted its focus from price to service. However, good service comes from the inside of a company, that is, the cultural aspect of a company.

Strategic Culture
During the past decades in the 21st century, more and more companies have been well aware that they are confronting a series of hard challenges due to the rapid and severe changes both from the internal and external of a company. Therefore we are sincerely looking for partners nationwide to expand our business. The strategic plan of HuiBoShiDai is to set up its own subsidiary companies in major cities all over China in two years. At present our business has extended to the after-sales services for brand-name product abroad as well as to be the sales agent in China by representing foreign electronic product manufactures, we intend to be the top company in the field of chip-level maintenance in China step by step through the most favorable prices and the most satisfying services. This is the long-term strategic orientation of Huibo Company.

Human Resources
BeiJing HuiBoShiDai has a series of complete recruitment systems and training programs. As early as it was in 2003, HuiBo had launched a training program named" "Circuit board maintenance without schematic diagram" , we selected some skillful technicians among the members. In May 2004, we had opened another two programs of the same kind. Until now we have a dozen of skillful electronic engineers with E&E certificate and many Managerials  Outstanding, the income level and the company welfare to its staff rank the top of the same field. With advanced technology and the human-orientated spirit, we are strengthening the internal power while seeking positive development in this ever-severe market competition.

Faith in Brand
To a company, brand name and the image are a great fortune. To establish a brand name, it not only requires publicity, reputation and loyalty, but also the trust of its clients which depends on how much they understand the brand,    while cultural brand is the very and the only way to achieve faith in brand. HuiBoShiDai hold the motto that “To be better and better as a machinery doctor” We advocate understanding the brand from the strategic perspective. To understand the brand from the top level, and to create a brand from the cultural perspective.



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